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About Us



noun: elite; plural noun: elites

  1. a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

We don’t take the use of the word “Elite” lightly. Our Elite Ionix team is comprised of three fun, fit, shrewd, and most importantly, quality-snob, men and women. Each one of us utilized individual contacts throughout the United States, Thailand, India, Indonesia, West Africa, Cambodia, and Latin America to ensure we only sell the purest, most high-quality supplements available.

We know…We Know…Our prices may be a little steep, but they are worth every penny. When the discerning health FREAK demands the purest raw ingredients, our Ripped Buddha series is second to none.


When Alison (our resident Elite health FREAK) was trekking through the Mahabharata Range in Nepal, she spent 3 weeks with a Paharis tribe. During her stay, the overwhelming influence of their culture and purity of their crops changed her life forever, and is still our most unique source of product.

We can’t divulge too many trade-secrets pertaining to the exact location, but we can tell you that the tribe’s reliance upon Hindu teachings and their affinity for Buddha symbolism inspired our product line. Every member of the tribe was incredibly fit, healthy, happy, and loving. We hope our customers share in those same attributes <3